Thursday, 26 August 2010

The Lovely Luna

Finally snapped the little feline treasures


Spicy Banana Muffins & Bread

Chopping bananananananan's

Bananananannananan Muffins

and finally, its ready

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Special Trees in the woods of Chichester

Some lovely trees

A stairway to Faerieland?  

Who lives under this tree?

Visiting Chichester

Beautiful scenery, lovely people, fields of flint & chalk, great weather :)

Walls constructed of flint stone

 Character homes

Wooden sheds

More flint incorporated in the buildings

A little hideout in the woods

Pink Wildflowers

As we travelled through Scotland and England 
the scenery was consistently ablaze with a mass of pink wildflowers.

Anyone know what they are called?

Wild Foraging

We were out for an ambling walk just now, 

wild foraging red currants and raspberries along the way :) 

Nice sunny, warm afternoon visiting in Fife today. 

Enjoyed with family and lots of little cousins.