Sunday, 27 February 2011

Huisie by the see / Cottage by the sea

So, I finally made a friend the sign I had been promising since I made mine.  My lovely daughter and I designed it together and she drew it, and I painted it. 

It came out so nice (we thought) that we found it very difficult to give away but it made a lovely present and we hope its new owner will love it as much as we loved making it.

Welcome to Spring

So officially spring arrived on 1 Feb.  The bulbs are all getting ready to flower and we had an excellent session in the garden on Saturday getting all the flower bed in shape for the flowers when they arrive.  There was one little magenta primula showing her colours for the lovely sunshine.  Last night though we had a lot of hailstorms.  Though this morning the plants all looked excited at the sunshine again.  Loads of sunshine this week end and everyone is positively gleeming with joy at the sunshine.  Winter is really tough and its good it loosening its hold and summer will be here sooooon!  HOORAY!

The kids joined in the quick spring clean of the garden and we gave the one big bush a bit of a haircut so now its more of a ball than a stick figure ;)  Its not easy with a rented house as you cant change much and you don't really know how long you are there for.  Last year we kind of thought we were moving so we only planted veges and herbs but we are still here for now so thought we will spruce up and get the flowers ready. 

We bought a few pot plants for the hall table and they are hyacinths, freesia and chrysanthemum - brings a lovely bright, fresh feeling into the central heating zone.  So looking forward to turning off the heating when warmer weather arrives.

Suns out, wind still cold but its a start :)  Wonderful to see the blue skies.