Monday, 10 May 2010

Planting day

A blue sky day with sprinkles of isolated rain.  It cleared up and I thought it a good day to plant the rest of the vegetable and flower seeds and make good use of the topsoil, which we had managed to find by sheer luck at the very sparsely stocked island store.

A mixed pack of marigold 'French dwarf petite' ,Nasturtium'Single mix', Pansy Swiss Giants, Petunia Balcony Mix and Sweetpea Spencer Mixed -  160 seeds of bright colour :)

Runner beans were planted in the vegetable garden, making good use of the horse manure our ponies so willingly donated to us.  This was also a great lesson for the girls who helped fill the seed trays with topsoil and compost and carefully plant the seeds.

The wind turned quite strong and icy cold and we were quite pleased when we had finished and nothing had blown away.

After a quick water we dashed inside to hide from the cold.  Is it really summer LOL.  Sure it is - offically summer started  on 1 May (Beltane).

I came in and for once was happy to do some dish washing in the crowded sink, just to warm up my frozen fingers ;)

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