Thursday, 22 July 2010


Freshly home-made rose syrup drizzled over hot pancakes mmm......

Rose syrup is really easy to make.  Get a cupful of fresh organic rose petals (VIP - not poison sprayed) and wash them off in cold water.  Add 2 cups of hot, boiled water to a small pot and add rose petals and approx. 2 cups of brown sugar and boil for 10+ minutes.  Remove rose petals after ten minutes (they are edible when they have cooled down).

When the syrup starts 'holding its bubbles' when its boiling then its ready to bottle.   It thickens up when it cools down.

We used magenta rose petals and ended up with a lovely thick pink syrup that was so delicious we kept sneaking some long after the pancakes were finished.......


  1. Scrummy. There are such lovely delights on your blog this week :)

    You know you have elderflowers if you leave them in the house overnight and the next morning the air smells strongly of tom cat! Unfortunate, but there it is!!!

  2. Thanks you xxx

    ah, ...I thought that smell was from our little demon kittens, especially Luna and was trying to find the source of the damage. So it must have been the Elderflowers :) LOL

    Used lots of freshly made rosewater air spray to hide the smell LOL ;)

    They have henceforth been banished from the house most of the day after a couple of brown flowers she planted under my table and a few more under a bed....

    So now they are happily destroying my pot plants outside instead.

    I believe you can grow elder by cutting. So we have 2 elder cuttings in one of the pots outside the door and we shall see...

    Was very pleased to have successfully grown 3 x rosemary plants from small cuttings and this is the first time I have been successful with rosemary cuttings.